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Perio & Gum Surgery

It’s a surgery to improve the aesthetics and function of a smile damaged by gum disease. This can include periodontal disease surgery to correct the gums, teeth, or bone.

If you have signs of gum disease or haven’t maintained great oral hygiene (this includes skipping dental check-ups), then it’s important to get your teeth and gums examined by a dentist. A gum infection is a progressive disease that shouldn’t be ignored. Some signs go unnoticed for years, so it’s especially important to maintain regular dental visits so a dentist can spot signs of periodontitis or risk factors early on.


  • It helps oral hygiene.
  • It provides a bright smile.
  • It can help identify the doctor if you have any other issues or problems regarding your oral health.
  • It makes the gums strong and removes any residue, which helps in restoring the tooth strength and prevents tooth loss.



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