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Oral Prophylaxis

Oral prophylaxis is a thorough examination of your oral health combined with a scale and clean and can be conducted by a dentist or a dental hygienist. Oral prophylaxis has gained tremendous popularity in recent years due to the introduction of ultrasonic scaling instruments and other high-tech devices. This is a procedure in which bacterial plaque and tartar is removed from the surface of the teeth with the help of scaling and polishing.

It is not the same as teeth whitening or coronal polishing because it is mainly performed to prevent decay and other oral complications rather than for aesthetic reasons; however, it does satisfy the patient greatly. Oral prophylaxis is also sometimes prescribed to people who have crooked teeth before starting the treatment with braces. This is because with braces it becomes even more difficult to properly clean the teeth and the amount of plaque and food debris keeps on increasing until it starts causing problems. Oral prophylaxis should only be performed by a qualified and experienced dental hygienist.


  • It helps to reduce the risk of gum and tooth disease.
  • Early identification of dental problems. This can help you deal with them before they become serious.



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